Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Present Imperfect

This blog's delinquency borders on the embarrassing, so here's a short hello to bring the last post date up to date. Whenever I run in Riverside Park these days and note seasonal changes (snow, slight warming, new green shoots, intense humid heat, yellowing leaves, rain, etc.) I think of how once upon a time I'd expand upon such observations here. And then I think of how much work it would be to resurrect this shambling old thing back to life, and I focus on my breathing or footfalls and avoiding a twisted ankle.

LordZim went through several major phases (Hollywood noodling, Israel, I heart NY, etc.) and eventually succumbed to a critical combination of lethargy and busy-ness. I was just too busy to write about my life. Once upon a time I believed in it. Now I guess I'm supposed to believe in Twitter, which is more like, I think, believing in Facebook status updates. The multi-platform megaphone is not for me; I don't think people need to read my every thought or reflection refracted in a trifecta of telecom mirrors. Most of that seems like ostentatious narcissism.

Yet, if ever a medium suited me, this was probably it. Elasticity is all. It's possible that I'll become so un-busy and simultaneously enchanted again by all my exciting adventures that I'll feel compelled to start documenting every little thing again ... but I'm not holding my breath. And judging by the numbers of readers, most of whom land here accidentally or nostalgically, neither are you. I imagine LordZim's dropped off everyone's radars and RSS readers, and deservedly so.

And now I'm going out for a run in the mud and spring chill. And I'm not tweeting about it.