Thursday, June 29, 2006

Twilight Twinkling

O frabjous night. Found a place to live. Farther uptown than I wanted, but it has some matchless qualities. Meandering southward from my future temporary home via Riverside Park and then along the Hudson Parkway, I stopped by the ruined piers to watch day's last light paint the water as a girl strummed a ukulele down on the riverbank rocks. Fireflies twinkled haphazardly above manicured lawns and carefully planted stands of swamp grass, while further upriver, vague through misty dusk, the George Washington Bridge majestically twinkled too.

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lou f w said...

Lordie, Lordie, Lord Z, you are so goddam funny. Please don't hate me for saying you could take over for Dominick Dunne when he finally retires - minus the celebrity element to the chatter. Love it love it.

Lou F W