Monday, May 17, 2010

Small Pleasures: Anti-Climactic Copy

Searching online for a fresh, kicky, kid-approved synonym for "awesome" just now, I clicked on an "Iron Man" web ad and landed on, where the following copy gave me a faint smile. 


Stronger, faster and tougher than any version before it, the Mark VI armor perfects the Iron Man weapon system. Loaded with weapons and capable of supersonic speed, it turns Tony Stark into the ultimate high-tech hero. Take on even the toughest bad guys with this awesome warrior. Featuring the advanced and high-tech Mark VI version of his armor, this Repulsor Power Iron Man figure’s lights and sounds show enemies he means business. When you’re ready for the battle to begin, activate his snap-on blaster accessories and launch his projectiles. His glowing chest repulsor accessory shows that even the toughest combat hasn’t fazed him—and he’s ready for the next battle to begin. Figure comes with snap-on blaster and 2 projectile accessories.


Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 4 Years and Up

Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Dry Cloth

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