Friday, May 27, 2005

Encore Encore

Longtime readers may recall a reference to Sonny Rollins (3/18) at Disney Hall, one of many performances negligently described in the annals of Lordzim.

Expanding on the theme of encores and demanding audiences, K. writes,
When we saw Sonny Rollins the crowd was clapping so hard several palms were bleeding, but he came out the side door and made a perfectly expressive gesture. A gesture that said: "I'm just glad I made it through the evening. Please go home so I can take my teeth out and go to bed!"
And they did. Let the record show he'd already served up at least one encore, maybe two. When a guy that old tells you he's done, he's done. Especially after he's played like a man half his age for as many minutes as years he's been alive.

OK, here's the audience participation moment: Send me your best encore stories and I'll post them.


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Lord Zim said...

Well, needless to say, no one sent in a story.