Monday, May 09, 2005

One Night in Glendale
(Cinnabar Serenade)

A few days ago G notified me that Cinnabar, for 12 years one of Glendale's best restaurants, will be closing on May 15. Her email suggested we have a drink there -- a sazerac for me and a Moscow mule for her -- for old times' sake. We agreed to meet after her Mother's Day devotions.

I first visited Cinnabar years ago as a pilgrimage to another bar -- specifically, the wood and silk bar from Yee Mee Loo, a Chinatown watering hole legendary for its filth and bonhomie. Having kept generations of Angelenos well-sauced, Yee Mee Loo was enjoying a well-deserved revival a decade or so ago when the property owner decided the bar absolutely had to be flattened to make room for a skyscraper.

Well ... one thing leads to another -- or doesn't -- and today, the former Yee Mee Loo site is a parking lot. Still.

It's not just Chinatown ... it's Los Angeles, Jake.  Posted by Hello


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