Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Hubbard MBA

Now that Scientology is in the news again thanks to that impending celeb nuptial you read about in other blogs, K writes that a friend of hers has
been trying to do some sub-contracting laser etching work for a Portland-based company for months now. They've been playing phone tag and canceling meetings etc. They finally connected on the phone yesterday and the guy said that if Scott wanted to work with them, he needed to take a course at the L. Ron Hubbard school of management! Scott apparently stifled a laugh and asked if that was really a requirement. The guy sounded offended and ended the call. Hmmm, no $5 mil either!
Wow. The illustrated Cruise vs. Lauer. It's just too good not to share with the LordZim regulars.


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