Friday, June 10, 2005


Sabbatical. Seven days of no LordZim updates. Has the world suffered or changed? Well, of course, but not because I haven't been writing here.

A word of clarification on the last post: When I went to Ben's house in Topanga for sleepovers, my mom was under the impression that his parents would be as watchful as she with regard to transgressions of a drug and alcohol nature. Of course, who really thought about eight-year-olds getting drunk or high (apart from eight-year-olds)? So my sainted mother, who first learned of my pre-teen escapades here in the pixels of Lordzim, was just as surprised as all you strangers out there may have been, though she was substantially more disturbed by the revelation.

On the bright side, this shows I can keep a secret.


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