Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gaza Photo Blog: Pre-Evacuation

Some views of Gaza settlements just before the people were cleared out.

Neve Dekalim was a religious settlement. Once they marry, observant Jewish women wear wigs. Here's a wig that was left behind.

The 20-family settlement Shirat HaYam swelled by dozens as supporters pitched tents and built temporary structures on the sand.

Shirat HaYam was built around a row of crumbling structures. Many years ago, before the Sinai changed hands twice, Egyptian officers would vacation in these beachfront houses.

It's a minor miracle no other shutterbugs are in the frame, because this curiously Victorian image of a woman contemplating the sea provoked a photographic feeding frenzy.

Gaza was littered with these meter-high cubes of concrete, many of them heaped up into fortifications and gun turrets.

Some of them fell down. Background: tent city.

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