Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Running Commentary

I'm transfixed by images of the devastation Katrina has caused. But I can't just sit watching TV, so here's my digital knitting.

Whenever I run on the beach here, things amaze or delight me. Yesterday I tried to document some of them.

The only lifeguard station on the beach here

Shade trees

Note on the left that sand has piled up against the remains of the Roman aqueduct, caught in the setting sun's rosy glow.

All these tire tracks on the beach help explain why Israel's sea turtle population has declined by 80%. They try to return to the beaches of their birth to lay eggs, but the lights and noise of late-night tailgate parties scare them off and they swim out, return, flee again, and eventually die of this exhausting loop. Or they swallow plastic bags they think are jellyfish and die of choking or blockage. If a cluster of eggs should actually make it to the sand, the 4x4s crush them. I've seen two dead turtles on the sand, each about two feet long. Conservation experts try to redirect the turtles to the few protected beaches, and sometimes they find eggs and relocate them. More information on the turtles here.

So many antiquities, so little time: mosaic floor half-buried in a beach road.

View of Jassa, Arab fishing village.

Jassa fishing boats


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