Sunday, March 12, 2006

Highlights for Kids

Today's highlights:
    * Waking up at 5am filled with self-loathing
    * Managing to fall back asleep
    * Bialy with whitefish salad and wasabi roe from Russ & Daughters
    * Walking in the rain to and seeing the Armory Show for the first time
    * Chancing upon Brian Dewan after 20 years and hearing about the Dewanatron machines he makes with his cousin Leon Dewan
    * Hearing that Lord Zim might be on TV tonight
    * Microwaving Mallomars (a first for K!)
Mallomars, as you know, expand and distort as tiny air bubbles in the chocolate-enrobed marshmallow expand under a bombardment of microwaves. Almost as exciting as TV.

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