Tuesday, May 09, 2006

100 Words on Learning How to Ride a Bike

Just wrote this for a small online story contest about learning to ride a bike:

    After two weekends of trying to shed my training wheels, I'd just ridden almost a full lap around the local track. Euphoria! But where'd dad go? Then I noticed two women by the bleachers. They weren't watching me, but something about them caught my eye and -- Oop! Down I went. Six-year-old me and my shiny red Sears bike, all a-tangle in the dust.

    Dad came running over. "You were doing so well -- what happened?"

    "I was looking at those ladies," I mourned.

    He laughed and delivered this fatherly wisdom: "Looking at ladies will always knock you over."

P.S. (later): I won.

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