Monday, May 08, 2006

Automatic Writing

Ever read your spam? I didn't think so. Well, you don't know what you're missing. Oh sure, most of it's just drivel, intentionally misspelled names of drugs that modify your sexual and emotional performance, or hot tips on penny stocks, and almost all of it is dull and annoying, but every once in a while, if you just stop ... stop to smell the email, you stumble upon something worth reading. Something that takes you right back to Ionesco by way of Monty Python. Something like this:
    Now and then, a grain of sand trades baseball cards with the insurance agent. If another CEO befriends the statesmanlike abstraction, then a fruit cake self-flagellates. Most people believe that a dolphin behind the demon satiates a salty inferiority complex, but they need to remember how non-chalantly an eagerly college-educated dolphin ceases to exist. If a tuba player derives perverse satisfaction from some grand piano, then a power drill toward the jersey cow sweeps the floor.

    When the cowboy inside some dolphin ruminates, the corporation meditates. Furthermore, the blotched corporation leaves, and a false garbage can barely tries to seduce a parking lot. A tomato is nuclear. lion.

    A grand piano teaches a radioactive stovepipe. Indeed, a pork chop pours freezing cold water on a jersey cow from a cargo bay. If a scooby snack related to a power drill cooks cheese grits for the worldly earring, then another flatulent judge rejoices. The mating ritual living with the paycheck, a cowboy about a hole puncher, and a freight train of another tuba player are what made America great! Now and then, the tornado buries the gentle chess board.

    A cosmopolitan anomaly operates a small fruit stand with the grand piano. If a pine cone figures out a corporation for a spider, then some mean-spirited CEO wakes up. A frustrating power drill knowingly buries a mortician over the power drill. A traffic light of the spider figures out a line dancer, because a college-educated paper napkin tries to seduce a completely obsequious photon. The abstraction for a fire hydrant ridiculously buys an expensive gift for the demon.

    The ostensibly nearest burglar dies, and a dolphin trembles; however, the turkey inside a cocker spaniel knowingly can be kind to a diskette. A loyal sandwich conquers a cloud formation. Now and then, a spider underhandedly finds lice on the avocado pit about the mastadon. An usually obsequious pork chop sweeps the floor, and some customer inside the tabloid wakes up; however, a lover dances with a gentle tripod. Indeed, the tornado goes deep sea fishing with another microscope behind a light bulb.

    gotta go

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