Sunday, March 27, 2005

Music Theory Part 2 (Counterpoint)

In reply to my audience participation concerto (see below), K has kindly lobbed this onto the podium:

As much as I liked your idea of the audience-as-musicians idea, I have been throwing this one around for years. Have I ever told you about it? You would record a live concert and instead of putting the actual "music" played on a CD, you would have the mikes turned toward the audience and have tracks like this instead:

Pre Concert Rustle (featuring candy wrappers, mumbling, coat removal and program flipping)

Lights Down Hush Up (last minute coughs and shushes accented by a tardy cell phone silencing)

Movement A to Movement B (confused premature clapping, quickly hushed)

Movement B to Movement C (scattered relieved coughing and nose blowing)

End of Piece (clapping and murmured comments)


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