Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Introducing Clermont Ferrand, LZ Music Critic

As faithful Lordzim readers know, Lord Zim himself has abdicated the music critic's Barcalounger and abjured passing judgment on CDs. Everything else is fair game, of course, but even up here in the Lordzim aerie, an unmistakable rumble of discontent roils the kingdom.


And lo! No sooner is discontent with content manifest than old friend, international music superstar, devoted legal aid lawyer, and opinionated consumer Clermont Ferrand volunteers to step into the breach and disseminate his views on modern music. Please note that the views expressed by M. Ferrand are his own and do not reflect those of the staff or management.

With that, the Lord Zim Variety Hour is pleased to bring you, the discerning reader, a nosegay of music reviews from our First Official Music Critic, Monsieur Clermont Ferrand.

picked up these new cd's:

bloc party - pretty good. considering gang of 4 only made 1 1/2 good records it is right and just that others continue to make records for them.

brazilian girls - need to smoke much more weed for this one. another nail in the world music coffin.

brendan benson, alternative to love - nice, slightly slimmed down effort from BB.

mekons, heaven and hell (greatest hits) - oui je suis le grand zombie. nice selection from their 10,000 recordings.

Thank you, Clermont. Clermont also wonders -- in fact, joins me in wondering, "what's up with the lack of comments on lord zim? ... i don't comment b/c no one else comments. someone has to break the ice. it's like karaoke."

Well, Clermont, if commenting is like karaoke, what then is blogging? The Annabel Chong Story? Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody shoot your mouth off, try to judge one another, OK.

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Lord Zim said...

Oh thank heaven for Clermont Ferrand! Because he throws up in the most delightful way.

What an inspired selection of reviews! This Ferrand, he is a genius of the pithy one-liner.