Friday, September 30, 2005

Behold the Heroic Donkey

Okay, I confess. I've been spending time with the donkeys at Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holyland again. People here think I've lost my mind. Maybe you do too. Maybe I have. If loving donkeys is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Donkeys are a lot like big dogs. They love attention. Predictably, some donkeys also love the camera. And the camera, as they say, loves them. Like this one. Note how he goes from forlorn ...

... to supercilious with total ease. Eye makeup like that makes anything possible.

Note how I shamelessly anthropomorphize. Hang onto your saddle horn; it's about to get worse.

Eventually, this donkey became very interested in the camera itself, probably because of the flash. When I finally stopped taking pictures and petting him and stepped over the fence to leave, he kept an eye on me. I tried to come back a few minutes later, but he trotted a few feet away again.

I tried to approach again, and he moved away once again. Then I walked right at him and he galloped off down the field, gimp leg and all.

It really makes me wonder about the donkey sensibility. Sounds crazy, I know, but he seemed genuinely offended that after our photo session I was just, well, done with him. I guess I should expect his invoice and maybe a recriminating note in the mail. If you're reading this, baby, you're beautiful. Don't ever change.


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stanley said...

Wow, how sad and fascinating. There must be a word for that. Abject?