Thursday, September 01, 2005

Last One Out Update the Website

When K and I visited New Orleans a couple years ago for NYE, we had a tremendous dinner at NOLA, a restaurant so good it didn't matter that TV chef Emeril owned it. In a very vain attempt to personalize the disaster, I looked at NOLA's website just now and saw this sadly glib scrap of verbiage:

"With a hurricane swirl..........the strength of the storm by which Emeril Lagasse has taken New Orleans......... with a whirlwind of fresh adaptations of classic Creole cuisine."

Oops. Ouch.

Speaking of oops and ouch, my uncle here in Israel, who is responsible for getting Gaza settlers relocated into new homes throughout this tiny, poor country, is shocked by the way America left so many poor people behind just to suffer and die in a decrepit stadium. I explained that America's ruling powers don’t care about poor people. Some lives are cheap.

Two scenes from "Fahrenheit 911" come to mind: w sitting dazed and ineffectual with a children's book upside down in his lap upon hearing about jets hitting the towers, and when he tells a roomful of wealthy donors, "Some people call you the elites; I call you my base." Much better to have our poverty-drafted National Guard defending Chevron’s interests in the Gulf than at home doing what they signed up to do: preserve domestic peace in times of extremity.

OK, plenty of bloggers are doing similar rants with greater erudition and effect than I. New Orleans was a sitting duck and now, in his impervious, oblivious way, so is w.


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