Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blogs and Schools

I stopped reading New York Magazine many many years ago, disliking it for many of the reasons I now dislike Vanity Fair. But while I was away, NY's own dopey socialite journal became interesting. This week, bloggers and even the MSM are abuzz about "Blogs to Riches," a revealing article that explains who makes money on blogs and how and why. In short, focus, frequency, and fawning are key.

See? I'm learning. It's not even noon yet and I've said nice things about people, linked to other sites, and posted twice! Oh, shoot. I forgot to be "snarky." Or focused. Well, I guess I'll just keep toiling away in obscurity at my own little Bartleby project.

I also liked this article on how Joel Greenblatt, "one of Wall Street’s most successful stock-pickers," used business principles to improve a public school in Queens.
    "The extra $1,000 per child Greenblatt has invested amounts to less than a 10 percent increase over the approximately $12,500 that the city spends on average per child — and well below what some private schools pay for the same kind of results. 'Given all the negative costs of not educating the kids — more crime, fewer taxpayers, less productive people — it was less than free,' Greenblatt says."
See How Is a Hedge Fund Like a School?


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