Thursday, February 16, 2006


OK, the storm was big. Record-breaking. This Old Blog declined to join the media frenzy. So what else is new?

The creepiness of the blog. Yes, it's kind of creepy that someone spent at least an hour this week reading allllll of Lord Zim. And has been checking in daily for updates! And is not related to me! Wowsers. Of course, it's flattering that anyone would be so motivated and find all this so interesting, but it's also unusual ... so unusual that I now feel, uh, naked. So I've been going to the gym.

Not that it's helped. What's clear about the anonymous devoted reader, thanks to the intelligence granted me by my trusty sitemeter, is that s/he lives in NYC, has Roadrunner DSL , and uses a Mac with a Mozilla 1.0.1 browser. Now, I'm no browser historian, but isn't that kind of a Model T among browsers? Speculation abounds here at LZHQ.

So who the heck is out there using a six-year-old Mac and reading every last page of Lord Zim? Fess up. And more important, what was your favorite post?

And OK, fine, twist my arm. Here's something from the storm.



nick said...

Well -- it's not me (the anonymous reader, that is). I use firefox, or safari.

But aren't readers supposed to be, sort of, anonymous? Its a brave new world if writers can hide their identities, but readers are identifiable.

Which, somehow, reminds me of a what a policeman in England said when I asked if was OK to take pictures in a train station "It's alright, as long as you're not covert about it." So, eschew small cameras.

Anyway -- thanks for the report on New York in the snow. For the third time in recent years I've been out of town for the big blizzard.

Lord Zim said...

Most readers are anonymous. You are. And my identity isn't all that hidden. But thanks for the note.

Several months ago, I posted something about NY's laws against shooting photos in the subway. The laws were eventually rescinded, I believe.

nick said...

This blog does not allow anonymous comments

And nor should it: anonymous comments tend to want to sell you prescription drugs from Canada.

The MTA here in New York proposed banning photography on the system, but backed down after public outcry and ridicule. But, from what I've heard anecdotally, if you present a profile other than snap happy tourist you may have an uncomfortable conversation with a police officer. And tripods and flashes are banned without a special permit.

That's the situation, offically, in London too. Permits are required for photography, but according to a Transport for London spokesperson (in a conversation with a friend) if you are taking "tourist pictures" there's no problem. So, presumbably, you know you've become a decent photographer when you start getting in trouble with the law.