Monday, April 04, 2005

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Mixed Ruts

DVT is a painful disorder caused by poor circulation. Lordzim seems to have its own DVT-like issues these days. Lord Zim himself is fit as a fiddle, thank you very much, given to energetic displays of self-propulsion in a variety of circumstances, but this venue could stand higher circulation. Therefore, we are offering cash-equivalent incentives to the first 10 readers who authenticate their DVT-healing powers of dissemination.

DISsemination. Jesus. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Please use the comments field to announce yourself and your guests, and to indicate your preference for seafood, pasta, or fruit plate.

* * *

Astute observers of this space will have noticed no mentions of April Fool's Day or the death of the Pope. There. Solved that problem.

* * *

Could Deep Blog Thrombosis be linked to a professed profound indifference toward current events?

* * *

In case you missed the (old) news about an artist who re-engineered car alarms to sound like bird songs , here's your lucky day. It's just one of those things I can't shake.

* * *

Last night, on the topic of dogs stealing food, D said that her dog, F, had "deep-throated an entire salami."

* * *

Slim Gaillard. Slim Gaillard. Who? I first saw him in "Absolute Beginners," a silly, mostly forgotten Julien Temple movie that starred Patsy Kensit and David Bowie, with Gaillard, Ray Davies, and James Fox in supporting roles. If you've never heard of Slim Gaillard, or even if you have, read this brief but spirited profile, and if you don't want to hear his music after that, check your pulse. Even 14 years after his death, he has a Dr. Seuss-like power to smack a smile onto the sourest puss.

Extreme trivia: Temple re-used the ideas and execution of "Absolute Beginners"' breathtaking opening scene in the video he directed for Janet Jackson's "When I Think of You." Reacting to seismic changes in film language wrought by MTV's then-new editing style with its ADD-provoking pace of a thousand cuts, Temple staged a single, extended, cut-free tracking shot that followed an unflappable star through a wildly elaborate series of events. Like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, with much better-looking extras.

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