Friday, April 15, 2005

First Milestone, Many Photos

Lord Zim apologizes to the small but highly intelligent readership for lo these many days of nothing new.

I have been on the road, that non-place where you never have time for the truly important things in life, like blogging. Que lastima. Specifically, I am in New York. And it is 2:30am. And this post is primarily to commemorate one month of Lordzim. Hooray for Captain Spaulding!

Today I had time to kill between a meeting and dinner. It was a rare challenge. Get me not wrong -- I waste plenty of time all the time, but having three hours of free time with nothing scheduled kind of freaked me out. I visited the Leica Gallery, walked along the newly refurbished Hudson waterfront, took photos of decrepit piers and a warehouse full of salt, spent 15 minutes at an opening of paintings I didn't think much of, and then went to the lovely and crowded party thrown by the arteest and his wife.

By 10, when we left, the only place to eat was apparently the Pitstop, a small racing-themed bistro in Brooklyn with high-octane eats. There, we all mouldered for hours. Well past the end of dinner, after we were all ready to leave (and two of our party had in fact already begged off), a well-stuffed Frenchie who owns a chain of petit bistros around NYC chose to hold forth at length about himself and his restaurants for a very long time. We finally got to leave him behind and come back to the Center of Civilization. My impressions of him provoked much mirth in the car as we tore across the bridge at ridiculous speeds. Must have been the Valvoline in the salade. Photos follow.

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