Friday, April 29, 2005

Vache Sacrée!

Here for the LSC article? It's the very next post. Go have a look, and then come back up here when you're done. We'll have a towel and a drink ready for you.

Well, this dustup over Les Sans Culottes has become quite the petit scirocco. It seems people have posted my little account to a few other websites, which is, frankly, annoying. Links exist in part to prevent such dunderheaded redunderheaded redundancy. In any case, those copied versions of my piece are causing much of the dust. On the happy-linking front, the blogger at La Vie en Prose posted a link that's been fairly active. Thank you.

In any case, The Jar himself called to protest and present his side of the story. He has a couple of points worth considering, but none of them suffice to justify the actions described in yesterday's entry (see below). H2 wrote to express her indignation that I am "fraternizing with the enemy." Hey, hey, hey. Calmez-vous, chers lecteurs. We're all friends here.

In the course of our conversation, I invited The Jar to post a rebuttal, but he declined. I did remove the link to the whois lookup page that shows his contact info, but that's just because I'm such a darned decent fellow. For the sake of completeness and symmetry, I am slightly tempted to write about our conversation, but even completeness and symmetry are powerless in the face of lethargy and residual suspicion. My offer of real estate was quite enough, thank you, and it stands.

The important thing, as far as I'm concerned, is that the situation has been laid bare for fans and club bookers to see, and subterfuge no longer cloaks anyone's machinations. And if someone were to disagree with me, they'd have only to comment, using the field offered below. In this situation, discretion is not the better part of valor.

Context note: À propos French rock bands, I am at this moment by sheer happenstance listening to bona fide French popsters Air.

Copy note: And yes, the persnickety copy editor in me has vanquished the casual blogger guy in me such that now, some of you may note, I am committed to proper HTML coding for all French diacritic marks.

Okay, I lied about the towel and the drink. Maybe when the United States of MicroGooHoo release Internet 5.0, transmission of such personal care essentials will be possible via a dialup connection. Hold that thought. For now, doesn't all this scheming and sleazing in the demi-monde du Roque just make you want to take a shower?


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