Friday, April 08, 2005

Lord Zim of the Crane Flies

Given my past propensity to write at length about these preternaturally attenuated insects, it's a wonder that ridiculous moniker failed to materialize until yesterday. Nobody had thought of it, including me.

It took a robot to make the Lordzim-crane flies connection. Like the monkeys hard at work typing "Hamlet," the tireless web spiders whose trawling keeps the online world orderly turn out to be literary scholars in training. Yesterday, this blog showed up as a search result for the following search string on Yahoo Singapore: storybook lord of the flies.


LZ the blog did not merely show up -- it was the eighth result! That's worth hundreds of Singaporean dollars in SEO work alone. Not very helpful for someone trying to find critical thought on the William Golding book, notes PhD candidate and research pro A.

I scarcely know what to think. Maybe Yahoo Search is a Delphic oracle. If it is, what could this "Lord of the Flies" reference mean? Is it a wakeup call? Uh, could you call back in 30 minutes? I was just having a really good dream.


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